Nestled among a grocery store, a bank and a few understated eateries is a recently opened wine country-esque farmhouse restaurant in Newport's Eastbluff Village Center. Behind the rustic wooden doors at Provenance, the space opens up to seating for around 100 guests, a full bar and an extensive collection of wines.

What is the inspiration for Provenance? Our culinary inspiration comes from the Napa Valley and Sonoma County. And in a broader sense, California. The quality and variety of food available right now in California is incredible. Napa Valley cuisine takes its inspiration from Italy and France; likewise, we at Provenance also take our primary inspiration from the mother cuisines of Italy and France. In addition, the cuisine of Napa Valley, and regional cuisine in general, is strongly influenced by pan-Asian flavors as well as Latin flavors. We have the luxury at Provenance of streaming pan-Asian and Latin flavors on top of French and Italian basics.

We are not a fusion restaurant; rather, we honestly deal with flavors and flavor components, as well as the cooking methodology to produce incredible results. We express our regional, California style in a streamlined, modernized way, serving food in a simple, yet elegant setting.

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