So many restaurants, so few female chefs. We dine out several times a week, and realized that most of the meals we eat have been created by male chefs. However, there are a handful of wonderful women chefs town, and we recently caught up with three of our favorites: Chef Deborah Schneider of SOL Cocina, Chef Cathy Pavlos of Provenance, and Chef Jamie Gwen, who has her own syndicated radio show, "Food and Wine with Jamie Gwen," On KABC Talk Radio.Deborah Schneider / Executive Chef & Partner, SOL Cocina We’ve been fans of Chef Deb's Baja-style cuisine since she first opened SOL more than five years ago. She was influenced by countless surf trips down the coast of Baja, where she dined at small street stands and marveled at the fresh and flavorful foods being served. She translated that style of cooking to her restaurant, where she added bold, modern interpretations of traditional Coastal Mexican cuisine. Chef Deb invited us to a Tour de SOL dinner to remind us of all the fun things she’s been doing with her menu. Among the many dishes we tried were several of her signature tacos (including Christopher's favorite, the taco vampiros) and whole duck confit. "I'm French trained, so it’s a weird French-Mexican mash up," laughed Chef Deb. "Have the duck meat with thefruit sauce, then roll it up like a taco. I guarantee you’ve never had it before." Chef Deb uses what she calls a “stealth health" approach to cooking, with seasonal, sustainable ingredients such as fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and sustainable proteins packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. She can also accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, including vegan, vegetarian and wheat-free lifestyles. "Chef Deb doesn’t only spend her time creating fabulous meals—she’s also written several cookbooks to help others prepare their own authentic Mexican cuisine," said Catherine. "As a busy woman I really enjoy her cookbook "The Mexican Slow Cooker," as I utilized my crockpot and still feel like I did more than throw a bunch of ingredients into the pot and leave. I got to chop, sauté and prep, and then add ingredients to the crockpot for a couple hours and not have to stir or watch my stove."

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