Every season brings something new to Provenance. That's the genius behind this "little farm kitchen that could" near Back Bay. By design, this yearling will never stop growing. Chef-owner Cathy Pavlos relives her childhood in an O.C. farm-to-fork family, this time with a tricked-out kitchen and craft bar, a bespoke 1,300-square-foot garden, and tables for 95. Living with Mother Nature compels Pavlos to ceaselessly adjust her offerings. I never saw the same menu twice in a month, though some favorites stick around awhile. Lunch is loaded with squeaky fresh salads and hearty sandwiches, and dinner offerings include grilled Mongolian-spiced lamb chops or whole branzino with three season-specific sauces. Don't miss Sunday's Farm Breakfast for terrific whiskey-and-brown sugar-cured wild salmon in a splendid Benedict with fried capers. This meal also boasts the best breakfast taco of the year, built with green chile-roasted carnitas, scrambled cage-free eggs, feta, pepitas, and radishes, folded into a soft flour tortilla. FIELD NOTES: For the freshest, most seasonal produce, check the What's in Season Now section of the menu for dishes such as Hand-Smoked Portobellini Mushrooms with Caramelized Garlic. There's more! Read our Main Course review of Provenance here.

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