The breakfast cocktail is in a class of its own. It can adopt the best characteristics of a mimosa-bubbles-or the customization of a bloody mary and instantly enhance any brunch menu. From screwdrivers to tequila sunrises, morning cocktails are an adult's dream juice.A stiffer drink than Champagne, morning cocktails still tend to err on the lighter side of spirits. Gin and vodka are popular liquors for an early pick-me-up-the gin fizz, featuring an egg white, lemon and lime juice, simple syrup, cream and soda water, as well as the corpse reviver family of libations, are frequently used as “morning-after” hangover remedies. A great morning cocktail example can be found at Great Maple at Fashion Island; the Grapes of Gold pairs gin with cucumbers, vermouth, fresh lemon press and frozen grapes in a Collins glass for a refreshing sip. Other daytime drinks at the restaurant follow the lighter trend as well, mixing vodka with honey, pear puree, fresh-pressed watermelon juice and cucumber. These citrus flavors and fresh produce are staples on coastal cocktail menus. Provenance, a restaurant opened earlier this year by Cathy Lucca, even has an on-site garden for sourcing organic components. Signature cocktails complement the hearty Sunday farm breakfast entrees there-the Corpse Reviver No. 2, mimosa, bloody mary and gin fizz can all be ordered here with a Provenance twist, along with a specialty drink aptly named The Morning After. Campari, grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice and Champagne come together in a bubbly concoction that pairs well with savory breakfast foods like eggs, bacon and croissants. For those who enjoyed themselves a bit too much the night before or want a nonalcoholic take, "mocktails" (virgin cocktails) allow diners to sip and savor without the added buzz. "There's a good amount of people who want to enjoy brunch, but don’t want to have alcoholic beverages,"explains Mitchell Malnati, beverage manager at Fig & Olive, which offers three mocktails featuring unique flavors like clover with muddled strawberries and fig. A true boozy brunch fanatic, however, isn't afraid to indulge and experiment. Brunch holds a special place in people’s calendars-a few hours when time stands still and you can clink glasses with your dining companions to celebrate another Sunday well spent.

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