Nestled in a small Newport Beach neighborhood shopping center there is a gateway to Napa and Sonoma Valley. No kidding. Executive Chef Cathy Pavlos has created a glimpse into the wineries and farmhouses that pepper these Northern Californian cuisine hotspots. The open-floor-plan restaurant, Provenance, features an outdoor patio that has a 1,300-square-foot garden, which gives Pavlos her ingredients as well as her inspiration for the ever-changing menu. This sustainably conscious establishment is all about the awareness and love of their products and practices. "The name of our restaurant means to trace the object back to its source, and that influences everything we do,"Pavlos said. Pavlos, who was "born and bred in Orange County," is focusing her efforts on the small things, "The small things are what we did in the ‘50s and the ‘60s, and they went away, but now they are coming back." Let me be clear though, nothing about Pavlos’ new eatery is miniscule in its impact on the planet or in the community. Provenance has used reclaimed materials to build their restaurant, sources their proteins from humane farms and gets the rest of their ingredients from small local farmers. When asked about her commitment to the environment, Pavlos said, "There is this ‘L-A-T-T-E’ culture that people are interested in: Local, Authentic, Traceable, Trusted and Ethical, and that is our demographic here. That’s what we are and that’s what we will always be."

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